Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sloppy Seconds / Dryrot / Darknes @ V.F.W. Hall Richmond, IN 10/27/1990

A great show that I missed in the small but amazing scene that is Richmond, Indiana. This is a small town right near Ohio that is just over an hour from Indianapolis, Dayton, Columbus and Cincinnati. The scene was great for quite a while thanks to bands like Dryrot and Kid With a Stick who brought fans of every genre together to see all age shows.

This show featured the Indy legends Sloppy Seconds who played raunchy Ramonesish songs with lyrics that lived up to their name. Dryrot were local favorites who always put on a great show and promoted the hell out of their local scene. I really don't recall who Darknes were.

The V.F.W. Hall was one of at least three places they had all ages shows, plus they had a great college radio station WECI at Earlham College.


pastmistakes said...

Any chance you have a copy of the Kid With A Stick Demo tape? or a scan of the Dryrot cassette artwork?

The ChickenFish Speaks said...

I think I actually have both.