Monday, April 21, 2008

8-Bark / The Method / HUM / Second Step @ The New Space 11/9/1991

This was a pretty typical show for The New Space, four bands, five dollars and all ages. The New Space was on Springfield street and used to be part of a slaughterhouse. Thinking about it now it was also a firetrap, but that never really came to mind at the time.

8-Bark was a great band from Chicago that I remember fairly well as well as HUM who were from the Champaign / Urbana area. HUM went on to release a major label album You'd Prefer an Astronaut in 1995 which spawned the hit "Stars". There were also two local bands on the bill, The Method who were one of the more popular bands in the area and I can't recall anything about the sXe band Second Step.

The New Space was one of the many places that Ken Gross threw shows over the years. I think this location was the one that I went to the most often. Always a great, loud, sweaty time.

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