Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Killjoys / Life and Times / Nude Canoe @ Oregon Emporium 1/27/1990

A very different show and a great line-up. First off this was sponsored by the local "commercial rock" station and was held in what has been a thrift store in the Oregon District. The proceeds went to help out the homeless as well as the donations collected. I liked all three bands and had a great time at this very packed and well received show.

Of the three bands involved I knew the least about Nude Canoe who I think were still in high school or had just graduated. I don't recall much about their music, but I know they were fairly popular with the indie college crowd and high schoolers. Life and Times featured David Ponitz (now David Poe) and Morgan Taylor along with other members who I don't recall. They had a lighter alternative feel and could draw hoards of good looking girls to their shows. David & Morgan went on to front Glee & Beak before splitting off into other bands such as OO OO WA.

The final band on the bill was The Killjoys who later changed their name to the Raging Mantras. They were always one of my favorite bands in Dayton and put on great shows everytime they played. They consisted of front man Vocalist / Bassist Rob Schaefer, Guitarist / Vocalist Nick Kizirnis (The Obvious, Cage, The Mulchmen, Ohio Silver, Eyesinweasel, The Jet Age, Nicky Kay & the Kay-Tones), Keyboardist Ed Lacy and Drummer Jim MacPherson (The Breeders, Guided by Voices, Real Lulu, The Amps). As you can tell by the list of bands the ended up with there was a lot of talent in the group.

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