Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lizard 99 @ PJ's 11/2/1989

This show took place during the short lived run of PJ's basement shows in the Oregon District. The site now houses the upscale restaurant Café Boulevard. From what I remember Lizard 99 was originally from the Youngstown area and had transplanted to Cinci in 1989. They put out an excellent release in 1990 called "Black Fantastic" then faded off into the mist.

Tammy used to run bar in the basement at PJ's and book shows from Thursday through Saturday. The cover was always $1 to get in and I'm pretty sure I ran door at this show. It was a great place while it lasted and featured many great local bands during its time.

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jima said...

We were from Oxford Ohio actually. I still have that flyer. That was a cool gig.