Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Citizen Fish / Cringer @ The New Space 4/11/1991

This show was put on by the Gutter Center Collective, but held at The New Space since the collective could only hold about 100 people. Like all Gutter Center shows there was an included Vegan meal and the price was low...this one was $4 partially due to the higher costs associated with having the show at New Space.

Citizen Fish was a great ska/punk band that formed from the remnants of the Sub-Humans. Actually, it seems that they have reformed so, you have a change to see them 15-20 years on. Cringer was a great punk-pop band from San Francisco which broke up later and had members join or create bands such as J-Church, The Grumps, Naked Aggression and others. Unfortunately the great Lance Hahn (Cringer / J-Church) passed away last year and will be sorely missed.

I recall this show fairly well and even found a few photos I took at it. It was packed, loud and sweaty with plenty of great music and good people. Definitely one of the top five shows I ever saw at the New Space.

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