Saturday, April 26, 2008

Filth / Last Stand @ the Gutter Center 6/21/1991

This was a typical show at the Gutter Center, All ages, $3, free vegan / vegitarian meal and a few bands. The Gutter Center was a space in the Front Street building off of Dutiot Street. The collective had built a stage and a few other things in the space and had a bunch of great bands (primarily Anarchists) play.

The thing I remember most about this show was that my girlfriend had worn a white cape and after one of the bands we noticed a bunch of small blood droplets all over it. It had to have happened in the small but active pit, however we couldn't find anybody hurt. Odd. I recall Filth from Oakland playing and they were a quite popular crust-core band. I can't remember anything about Last Stand, but when I looked them up I found that they still are around today. Finally there is that 8Ball on the flyer. Was it a band? Was it something more? I really can't recall, anybody else have a clue?

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