Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Oxymorons / The Obvious @ Canal Street Tavern 1/12/1990

Yes, I've missed a few days due to being sick and not being able to look at a computer screen. However, to make it up I've posted the infamous flyer with a big cock on it.

The show itself was fairly typical with both The Oxy's and The Obvious playing a long set at Canal Street Tavern. The big news was the flyer which caused quite a stir everywhere it was hung. Being bright green it attracted attention and the cock seemed to draw the eye. These were plastered all over Wight State, Sinclair, Canal Street and the Oregon District along with various music and record stores.

Pat and Gail had created the flyer one day at Wright State which you can read about on his blog I remember Dayton. What happened after the mass posting was that police were called due to them being obscene or something. So, luckily Canal covered for us and said they didn't know how to contact the band then they got a hold of us and mentioned the police were involved. So we went out and removed many of the remaining offensive flyers with one of two new censored versions. One had a large flap of paper over the penis saying "Censored for the protection of your delicate eyes", The other just had the whole image section blacked in saying "Censored by your friendly local police department who are scared of the human body". Juvenile yes, but hey we were all 20 and 21 and it all seemed like a good idea at the time.

I can say that I still haven't seen a local band put up a flyer that caused as big of a curfluffle as this one did.

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