Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bloodline / Planet Ed / Tribal Nation / Stronghold @ The Newspace 1/4/1992

This just seems like an odd mix to me. If memory serves me Stonghold and Bloodline were both sXe bands and it seems safe to say that Tribal Nation was as well. That leaves Planet Ed who I knew well and were more in the punk-pop / indie rock realm. But an all-age underground show should be a bit diverse and I think Planet Ed threw enough beer drinking and smoking into the mix. I know I have a Stronghold 7" along with Planet ED's two 7"s somewhere in my stacks of vinyl.

This was another show at the NewSpace in wonderful East Dayton. I'm sure most of the Planet Ed fans stood out fairly well in the sea of sXe kids. But it was a hell of a show anyway. Hey, I finally posted a flyer from 1992!

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