Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Killust @ Canal Street Tavern 7/31/1989

I had forgotten that Killust was ever in the battle of the bands. It just doesn't seem to fit in my mind. I always saw them as a warehouse band and had actually seem them at several practices in the warehouse. From what I recall they used to practice in the same area where Paul lived.

Back in the late 80's the Front Street Warehouse was a great place to go. Many bands practiced there and a few ever lived there. If you knew the bands you could catch a few practices almost every night. There was two places that threw shows (Zike's Eye 1989, plus later the Gutter Center 1990-91), a room full of a skate ramp structure, a few recording studios and tons of places that people lived in and built lofts. It was great for a while, but I think somehow cops got called since none of the units were designed for living and everybody got kicked out. Later a lot of artists moved in and kicked out the rest of the bands. It was nice while it lasted though. I heard there is a new group of people, The Dirt Collective, trying to set up band space downtown.

Anyway, the flyer was for one of the many summer battle of the band shows at Canal Street. I can't recall how Killust did or if I actually went to this show. They were a great local metal band with punk leanings, but I don't even recall who was in the band now. If anybody can fill me in that would be great.

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James Fetzer said...

I was at that show (or at least one of their battle of the bands show). I think it was the finals, and they were matched up with a band of old farts playing 60's covers. Killust played first, and the other band had the majority of fans in attendance. At that time you had to sit through both bands' sets in order to vote.
Killust, noting this, rips through a fast-forward version of Neil Young's Ohio. The lead singer commented "if we play this, will you vote for us?"

The older people there were not amused. I was.